Clear music lesson notes

Music lesson notes need to comment and reflect on the work from the previous week, give advice on technical problems and how to overcome them and set work for the following week. This can often lead to confusion as teachers generally write their comments and work for the next week under a single heading of the piece being studied. This leads to practice goals being missed during the week and problems arising next lesson.

This lesson notes sheet helps alleviate these problems by dividing the notes up into comments on the work from the previous week on one side and targets for the following week on another. It also allows space for notes to and from home, student reflection and a countdown to any important performances coming up. The student evaluates how near the target they are each week, allowing the teacher to see discrepancies between their own and the student's view of 'targets achieved'. This, in turn, hopefully allows the middle ground to be found so the teacher is able to be clear to the student about what is expected in a way they understand, and the student is able to understand what the teacher requires. Once they are both speaking the same language progress can be much easier and faster.

For this reason using technical terms as much as possible on the music lesson notes sheet is encouraged. E.g., not 'learn bars 1 to 16 perfectly,' but 'Bars 1 - 16 need to be played at 96bpm, separate hands, with dynamics. It must be played 3 times in a row with all notes correct each time.' This is a bit of an extreme example, but I'm sure you get the picture!

Music lesson notes and practice charts now available in book format

lesson notes, practice charts

The lesson notes sheets from the site are now available in a one term or one year book format. Lesson Notes and Practice Targets helps all music students make better use of their practice time helping them achieve more in less time. Click here for more information on the Lesson Notes and Practice Targets book

Download sheets

Click here to download the music lesson notes sheet This sheet is on A4 paper in landscape orientation. If you find you need more space to write Click here to download the lesson notes sheet as two separate A4 sheets. Once you have clear practice targets for the week from your teacher you can divide them up using the practice planning charts

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