Practice planning charts

Practice planning charts help you to plan practice effectively. Planning practice is almost as important as doing practice. If you haven't read the pages below on how to plan your practice effectively, click on the links then come back here to download the practice charts.

Click here for advice on planning practice and Click here for advice on achieving your practice targets and reducing your practice time.

Download practice charts

There are three practice planning charts to download.

  • Questions to help you set your musical goals,
  • A table to help you plan practice around the events in your life, rather than at set time
  • A practice chart to help you set your overall practice targets for the week and break them down into manageable session targets.

Click here to download questions to help you establish your musical goals, because once you know where you are going - it is much easier to get there

Click here to download the plan practice by event sheet and start managing your practice time more efficiently. This sheet is to help you plan when to practice.

Click here to download the Target Planner sheet to help you plan and achieve your practice targets for the week. This sheet is to help you plan what to practice. There are two identical sheets on a single piece of A4 in landscape format. If you find you need more space to write Click here for a single A4 portrait copy. You may also want to Click here for some notes on how to use the Target planner.

Don't just download them

Remember: The most important thing to do with these planning practice sheets is use them. Downloading with the intention of using them doesn't count! Print some copies now and start making more progress in much less time.

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Lesson Notes and Practice Targets:
Clear practice targets every week

With a clear, easy to use layout Lesson Notes and Practice Targets is the best way to make more from your music lesson. Based on the practice planning charts from the Essential Music Practice site it contains clear sections for teacher's notes, targets for the week and student planning and self evaluation, Lesson Notes and Practice Targets teaches all music students how to make better use of their practice time, helping them achieve more progress in less time. Click here for more information on the Lesson Notes and Practice Targets book

Expert Practice Secrets

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