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practice makes perfect by simon horsey

Frustrated with your practice? Read Practice Makes Perfect and hack the 10,000 hour rule. Cut your practice time by up to 25%! Make faster progress, learn scales, memorize pieces more easily and much more. "If you play an instrument you need this book!"

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  1. Practice Workshops

    Nov 26, 15 11:11 PM

    I am holding some live music practice workshops and clinics next year so let me know when a good time for you would be and what instrument you play.

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  2. How To Practice Music

    Nov 01, 15 05:51 AM

    The page from which to download the free ebook How to practice: 5 habits to help you make more progress.

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  3. Ear Master

    Jun 22, 15 06:52 PM

    Perfect training software where you practice your music theory knowledge and your hearing. and it's really fun as well!

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