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Didn't this used to be called 'perfect practice'?

Yes, it did! But I decided when I was redesigning the website an looking through my articles that most of them give practical music practice advice, and achieving 'perfection' isn't really possible - there is always some small thing that can be improved - so I decided to move to Practical Practice instead. I hope you enjoy the tips!

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Why not write an article for Practical PracticeI am always looking for good, original content. You don´t have to be a professional writer... just have something to say! Articles can be from any perspective: young student, older student, beginner, advanced, teacher, parent, a friend who wishes you didn't have to do quite so much practice.... You can even submit articles based on how you went, or intend to go about practicing a certain piece of music, so get thinking and get writing! 

I am always looking for

  • music practice game ideas
  • specific practice techniques for different instruments
  • creative uses of the metronome
  • new methods for learning (and remembering) scales
  • any iOS or Android Apps you find particularly useful
  • any recording device or other equipment you feel your students can't (and shouldn't) live without
  • ideas for preparing for concerts and exams
  • particular challenges you or your students have overcome
  • a student's perspective as to what does and doesn't work for you
  • your general philosophy on music practice
  • anything else you think is relevant to the site!

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Expert Practice Secrets

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